Saturday, September 22, 2012


   HIV is still such a huge issue. I'm Negative, get tested regularly and always use a condom and when I hook up,  I like to hook up with other guys who are also negative. When I state this in a post or profile I sometimes get a hostile reaction, that I'm being mean or hurtful by stating my preference. I dont blame or belittle Poz guys and I had 2 long term relationships with poz guys.  I would just rather hook up with guys who are negative like me and I think it's ok to have this preference.

   I have nothing but the deepest respect for my poz brother's and sisters and from the sound of it, if one is poz it's prob more fun to have sex with another poz guy. So why not clear the air and talk about it?

   I realize I probably am more concerned about this than a lot of people, it's just that, having seen a lot of people die of this disease in the '80's and '90's when nothing could be done made an indelible impact on me.

   Watching one boyfrind die of this disease and hearing another boyfriend tell me that he had a longtime lover behind my back who was Poz like him and with whom he could have unrestricted sex  helped form my preference.

   I also find it odd when some guys use the euphemism "clean" when i ask their HIV status, then on further discussion they tell me that they're actually poz but undetectable.

   It's a complicated issue for sure and I try and be compassionate when dealing with others, I welcome suggestions and comments. Thanks