Friday, February 29, 2008

Nayland Blake, Ruth Root, Robert Gober

There are some great shows up now in chelsea, I loved Nayland Blake's show at Mathew Marks. The sculptures are cryptic collections of trinkets, universal in a very personal way and the drawings really kick ass! Robert Gober's Sculptures at MM on 21st and 22nd street are concise and open ended at the same time. I loved Ruth Root's show at Andrew Kreps not only because the paintings reminded me of Frank Stella's weird felt reliefs from the '70's , which means I loved the compositions and colors, but I liked how flat they were and that they were velcroed to the wall.

Eduardo Says Snaps Is Fofo

Lauren Wittles just informed that her dog Snaps has never been blogged, I've always thought of Snaps as one of the most bloggable dogs around so I had to do something about that. Here's Snaps!

Preview of My Project at Eleven Rivington

For my friends from out of town, this is what I'll be showing next month , 32 paintings hung salon style in the project room at Eleven Rivington. For any readers in new york, the show opens March 21 and I hope to see you there! If you havn't been to this gallery yet, it's right around the corner from the new New Museum between Bowery and Chrystie streets.

There is a very cool group show up now Featuring Caetano de Almeida, John Hodany and Michael Lazarus.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Painting Of The Day Viva Hate


I love this video.....the song is great, the dancers look like they are having a blast and the Rio accent is so damn sexy. There is something about watching brazilian guys dance that make's my blood boil!

PoP! Goes My Heart

This is my latest obsession.. I love this video! It's perfect....and I have to admit I loved the movie "Music and Lyrics" that it was from. It reminded me of "Legally Blond" and "Knocked Up" 2 movies where completely improbable matches occur...that seems to be about faith!

Tim Noble and Sue Webster

I've seen this piece going up in rockefeller center over the past week and I wasn't sure what to make of it....At First I thought this was Kitchy, but not in such a good way, like something I would expect to see in a mall or vegas. I just saw it fully on , at twilight and I love it!...It's beautiful....what do you think?

Jacob Robichaux

I happened upon a very cool show yesterday by Jacob Robichaux at Museum52
95 Rivington Street in the lower east side. The paintings reminded me of mid-century latin american modernism and one of the sculptures reminded me of a DeChirico still life....well worth seing. I like how these natural, almost crafty elements form some kind of order. Organic and inorganic at the same time. There will be a series of performances too...check out their site for more info..

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Luckiest Guy On The Lower East Side

This One is For Eduardo..

My Week

Life is what happens to us while we are busy making other plans.' This old Sufi saying, was one of Patric Walker's favourites. It became attributed to John Lennon after the late great astrologer quoted it to the Beatle in a New York hotel. Soon after, Lennon gave an interview and he used that phrase. Walker and Lennon were both Librans. Does any of this really matter? Only in one way. Life is also what happens to us while we are busy watching other people. And the more energy we give their stories, the less time we have for our own. THAT'S what you need to watch this week.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Human League: Empire State Human

Todd Rundgren - Hello Its Me

"Male" Opening at White Columns

How fitting that the first person I ran into at the opening for "male" at White Columns last night was the very pregnant Lisa Kirk. Vince Aletti's installation of his collection looks great, its like being in a big white spacious version of his apartment...very cool for me too, to see my very early ('95) cruising mobile up in a gallery and great to run into Gary Schneider and Tenneille Haggard. The other exhibitions, "From the collection of Bob Nickas" and Janice Guy's white room exhibition of works she made in italy in the 70's are fantastic. Janice's images really hold up and as Jerry Salz said it's great how the mirrored image of the camera is upside down...leave it to Jerry to go right for the punctum!

Friday, February 22, 2008

KT Tunstall - Hold On

I Love this song!

This is one of those rare videos that actually illuminates the lyrics

Say you to me
You're a bird with an eye for anything shiny
Searchin' the land
For a hero of a man
You say I need
More than my fair share of attention
But I think you know
That just isn't so

Underneath, I felt the fire of a burning question
Tearin' me apart
Right from the very start
And now I see
That it don't take a trick of the light to excite me
So strong
So long
You'll see

Hold on
To what you
Been given lately
Hold on
To what you
Know you got
Hold on
To what you
Been given lately
Hold on
Cause the world will turn if you're ready or not


A heart of gold, an old head, and young shoulders
Quiet and lovely
Becomin' part of me
And now I see
From a handful of names and a thousand faces
One light, burnin', furiously

I was tired of January
I was tired of June
I felt a change a-comin'
Oh, I was tired of January
Tired of June
I felt a change a-comin'
Oh, I felt a change a-comin
I felt a change a-comin
Felt a change a-comin, soon

Hold on
To what you
Been given lately
Hold on
To what you
Know you got
Hold on
To what you
Been given lately
Hold on
Cause the world will turn if you're ready or not

Oh yeah, well the world will turn if you're ready or not
Oh, yes the world will turn if you're ready or not

New York In The Snow

New York Is Beautiful In The Snow...It Sucks Getting A Cab Though

Monday, February 18, 2008

Dusty Springfield - Medley

Le French Diner

There are so many restaurants opening in my neighborhood and most I never get to try. Le French Diner opened about a year ago on Orchard between houston and stanton. I've been wanting to try it for a while but it is usually packed, tonight it wasnt so I got to sit at the counter and have a delicious Tuna Burger and fries....while listening to Al Jarreau and watching WWWF!
the owner was a real nice guy too....but don't go there! i want to make sure there is always room there for me!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Paul Housley , Richard Diebenkorn

I saw 2 excellent panting shows Yesterday. Richard Diebenkorn at the Grey art Gallery/NYU is a beautiful small show of Diebenkorn's "breakthrough " period in New Mexico as he was finding his style. It's really great to see all these rough, raw images and 50's action painting techniques, highly recommended and much livlier than I would have expected from Diebenkorn. I went to Paul Housley's opening at Sunday while doing laundry, it's great to have all these galleries a few blocks from my apartment now....I got a chance to see most of the workwhich I really liked, this Owl painting especially! Then I ran into some friends and met some new ones,,,, I highly recommend Sunday! Sean Horton is doing some really good shows there, and he is a fascinating guy too!

Another Sign That I Am Fofo

The dogs from TG170 say hello

Get Together

Why do I Love this video?? I know it's a little late in her career for me to finally be getting into I finally gonna be a fan? It is probably Robert Melee's fault, he made me watch the madonna TV special 2 thanksgivings ago and I loved it...much to my surprise

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Don't Move

This is such a hot movie...nothing like watching a movie about dirty sexual perversion in preparation for valentines day...the sex is so believable between these 2 stars...It worked on me like a porno

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Michel Polnareff - La poupee qui fait non

Michel Polnareff - Holiday

Clearly this guy is a genius, listen to any of his songs....he can dress however he fuckin ' wants! and see if you can find his naked butt publicity photo for his tour..

Michel Delpech - Les divorcés

Not his best song, but I would SO do him here! no?

Michel Delpech

I'm counting one bitch per minute, I'd say that's a pretty good average...and they are all such fierce dressers...Michel could use a little help in that department no??? I'm just sayin...

Dollar - Mirror Mirror


New Painting

I love the way a really great trip changes the way you see things...Heres a new painting, Eduardo asked me to see if this helps... ... First off the painting is called
" All the Young Dudes" the title refers to the album by Mott the
Hoople, which for me is the quintessential glam rock album. Each
spiral refers to a specific song and is drawn while that song plays so
it is a record of my experience of listening. The
mountain refers to the mountains we traveled down on the bus trip we took to Rio. On the bus there was a young gay couple
that I kept watching , they reminded me of a famous series of photos of guys on the beach
that a gay philosopher shot in rio In the 70s, kind of faggy and
glammy and beautiful. Questions?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

All Through The Night

Thanks to Paul for turning me on to this video by Escort over the summer....for afficianados of muppet music videos click here

Friday, February 8, 2008

Being Boring

It's easy to make one night a special event...what is difficult and more telling, is to do the boring day to day things and enjoy each other's company is in mundanity, that the deepest magic is always to be found

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Fox on the Run

What a great pop song, check out that bitchin' powder blue jacket on the singer too.....!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

2005 Super Bowl Ad

Why does the"Brazilian Fighting Cockatoo" speak with a mexican accent and say "papi".....??

Monday, February 4, 2008

Carnaval In Astoria

Last night I went to a great party in queens, well actually I started by hitting the dugout where Mark Kane was grumpily leaning against a post, grumpy because there was no music as everyone was standing around watching the superbowl....watching TV is not my favorite thing to do in a bar either. After an hour or so of Mark's witty repartee I headed out to Clecio's in Astoria for a Carnaval party...Globo was broadcasting live from the Sambadromo in looked like a superbowl party, everyone was sitting around drinking beer and watching the competition on a big screen TV but instead of it being about athletic prowess it was a competition based on asthetics . I immediatly recognized the song on the TV because it was one of the samba schools that I had seen last month , so it was amazing to see the same performance that we saw last month in rehearsal with the costumes, the nakedness and the dance moves all tightened up. Thanks Clecio for a really fun party!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sergio Camargo

The wood piece here is by Sergio Camargo. I saw it saturday at MoMA in a show called "New Perspectives in Latin American Art", I'm not too familiar with this artist at all . I like the organic and inorganic elements and the way they mix in this piece, but not so smoothly. It's a big show there are 2 parts, so if you go make sure you see it all. The Lucien Freud show "The Painter's Etchings" also includes many paintings, particularly small ones including a weird copy of a Chardin and this etching... which i want to own, so if anybody out there wants to buy me a gift.... The Richard Prince bags at Louis Vuitton are pretty cool and weird such as this embroidered joke bag....I'm surprised he is such a popular favorite. I loved the guggenheim show but I didnt think he was that well loved to have a big museum show. I was wrong!