Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lady Gaga @ MSG

I wanted to see her and I noticed there were a lot of tickets available on line so I headed up to MSG at showtime, bought a floor ticket for half price and.....INVALID...I was scammed, so I went back to the entrance to find the guy and of course I couldn't and a young family was walking by, the mom was holding a ticket out and they were giving it away, she warned me they were crappy seats but no matter. It was great and not quite what I expected, she was kind of scrappy and very into her fans.... the whole "Little Monster" thing seemed very adolescent, I thought she would be a little more sophisticated considering some of the Leigh Bowery inspired looks she has put together and artists she has worked with like Desi Santiago...but then I remember this is a very new career. The reason the family had an extra ticket for me is that their 6 year old fell asleep, the 8 year old stayed for about half the concert and she played for an amazing 2 1/2 hours. I am definatly all for the "don't be afraid to let out the you you really are" message of hers...great night!

#6 Train Sat Eve 9 PM

Lady Gaga for Supreme

Saturday, February 19, 2011

ASHA PUTHLI "say yes"

I had never heard of this amazing Indian Diva till now..."Like Raga meeting Aretha Franklin, a masterpiece of snakey, spaced-out soul and pre-mainstream disco"

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Less Than Best Behaviour

I went out and I was bad this week, I lied, it was to a stranger, someone I will probably never see again. He totally gave me the opportunity to tell him the truth but instead I lied to him because it was easier, for me. Now granted it was on a pretty small scale, I'm not beating myself up over this it's just that, when someone does the same (or worse) to me I have to remember that hey, we are all capable of bad behaviour and that sometimes, when presented with an opportunity of taking the easy way out, by lying, even the best people are gonna choose that option. I'm sure it will happen to me again and I gotta rememberto forgive them just as I now ask for forgivness...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Chinatown by Destroyer

It's strange and oddly prescient that the sound being ressurected on this, the cd of the moment, is that of AL Stewart circa "Year of the Cat". I saw this guy live one summer night in 2001...it was actually a life changing night...


I've been getting a lot of wear out of this T shirt lately, mostly because...it's my newest T-shirt, I like the color and I like the way it fits, and secondly, because of all that's going on in Cairo these days. Political analysis is not my forte, I'm more of an emotional, one on one kind of guy and I've been thinking a lot lately of the two times I've been to Egypt. It's by far one of my favorite countries I've ever visited, not just for the history and amazing landscape and ancient art and architecture....all of which is totally amazing. It's really the people I met there that have made my trips so special, the total strangers who invited me into their homes and fed me and talked with me. The chance encounters and willingness to open up and connect and share made Egypt a very special place for me and I wish them noting but the best in the challenging time ahead.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


There's this current of secrecy that pops up here and there among some of the gay guys I encounter. Sometimes you meet a guy online and he won't send you his face picture because he is "Discrete". I used to not balk at that, I wouldn't meet someone without seeing their face, but it didn't really surprise me so much that some people wouldn't send you one Or they'd send you a picture of them in sunglasses or postage stamp size or with their face obscured by a hat. Again, no big surprise, but I started to think about it and wondered what this implied, by not sending your face picture means that you don't want to be "found out" and found out for what? ...being gay?? and by gay guys willing to accept that a lot of people don't want to send out their face pic that means what??? That we understand it's kind of shameful and maybe we feel some of that shame ourselves? We are happy to accept less than a full serving because we don't feel we deserve it? Being left out of family functions and alone on holidays used to be pretty common for a lot of gay guys. But now, I realize that by accepting these kind of sleights so readily, it means that we were carrying around a bit of shame ourselves. I thought I had worked all of that out years ago, but I guess self-acceptance is a life long project.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011