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Saturday, March 19, 2011


Friday we had a high of 77 degrees and it felt great walking around in a tank top and shorts, stopping to sit down on a stoop in chelsea & read the paper and soak it in....


I had to get some tests done at the hospital this week and frankly I hadn't really read all the info to prepare. One of the requirements was to have an escort pick you up after the testing and I hadn't arranged for that, but when I was at the hospital there were signs all over stating that it was mandatory I called my friend Vince who lives a couple of blocks away and he said sure he'd pick me up and and that I should come to his place after and look at magazines and rest. Vince is a magazine collector, every possible magazine you would want to see was there at my fingertips, it was heaven and another reminder of what a lucky guy I am.

Monday, March 14, 2011

New York actor and model uses gay inequality to dodge jury duty

I love it when someone does something completely unplanned like this and it snowballs.

A New York gay actor and model dodged jury duty this month by saying he could not be impartial because he is treated as a second-class citizen.

Jonathan D Lovitz, was waiting to be called in with other jurors when they were asked whether they could be impartial.

He wrote on his Facebook page: “I raised my hand and said, ‘Since I can’t get married or adopt a child in the state of New York, I can’t possibly be an impartial judge of a citizen when I am considered a second class one in the eyes of this justice system.”

You can read the reast of the article on Britain's Pink News Here

Kazemir Malevich and Marjorie Strider

I saw 2 cool exhibitions in uptown galleries over the weekend. For the malevich exhibition at Gagosian there's a David Smith out on the terrace and it was great to go out there, I'd never been in that space before. The Marjorie Strider exhibit included all these paintings of flowers and vegetables that I was completely unfamiliar with.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


A friend of mine was complaining about guys getting all hot and heavy online then getting cold feet when it's time to meet, luckily, that hasn't happened to me much, but when a guy does flake out on me I just say to myself....Thank you Sir for showing me right off the bat what you are like before I put any more effort into this. Seriously

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Straight Talk on Gay Equality From Henry Rollins

I love it when a guy that's this hot is smart too...

What made me the most angry about Bill Clinton’s time in office was not his decision to frolic with a woman other than his wife but his decision to act like a Republican. NAFTA and the Telecommunications Act are but two examples of Clinton doing Reaganesque damage to America. Another was the passing of the Defense of Marriage Act, in 1996, which “protects” states from having to recognize any same-sex marriages imported from Hawaii or Massachusetts.

I thought Clinton was too cool and too smart for such homophobic ignorance, but I was wrong. In a country that feels the need to brag about its freedom, perhaps out of some great insecurity, gay people are still treated like second-class citizens or worse. America has no lock on hypocrisy—it happens all over the world—but that doesn’t make it any easier to live with.

So President Obama sees the light and says his administration will no longer defend DOMA in court. Being happy about that would be like rejoicing that doctors are no longer applying leeches to patient’s faces when they complain of nasal congestion. It’s not a bad thing, though, and about damn time.

In to save the day, to keep those damn gays in their place, is House Speaker John Boehner, who will put himself and his sterling reputation on the line to stand against the president, his insurgent gay terrorist pals, and their dreams of marriage and equal protection under the law. That’s a relief. When things threaten to become too constitutional, thankfully, there’s someone like John Boehner, owner of every third tear cried in America, to step in and attempt to push America back into the good old days of darkness. Rather than shoulder the awesome burden of creating some damned jobs in America, he goes for the easy cheap shot of going after gay Americans. Again.

Of course same sex marriage is constitutional! The right to be yourself, to pursue life, liberty, and property, is protected several ways over several amendments. John Boehner should know this. If only he read the Constitution as often as some of us do, he wouldn’t have bothered to lower himself to this time-wasting, pathetic attempt to invigorate his base of supporters.

Damn, congressman, we’re trying to get up the road here. Either lay out a plan for job creation for all of us to see or get out of the way. You are the Speaker of the House. Scratching around in the ancient dirt of repellent prejudice instead of tackling the real issues is amateur hour. You have a plan? Now’s the time.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

Around The Armory

Had a great time at the Armory Art fair this weekend, the best in years. The mood was really good and ran into so many awesome people. My favorite art on view was a tapestry by Louise Bourgois and Jacob Robichaux' solo at museum 52

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Last Gasp of Winter

Usually my attitude towards winter has been like "Hurry up and get it over with !" From the holiday drama to the short days and chilly nights, I've spent most recent winters dreaming of shorts and tank tops, but something's changed in me over the last year. Instead of wanting to move to the next level, I'm enjoying the one I'm at, and that's a nice place to be...

Art Fair Weekend In NYC

So far this weekend has been a lot of fun with some great art, lots of people visiting and some awesome parties. Highlights include Jack Early at Daniel Reich, Terance Koh at Mary Boone, Mark MOrrisroe at Artist's space and a big Chinese dinner at Tang Pavillion featuring Soup Dumplings!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Windham Mountain

I got to go skiing this week, it's something I've wanted to do ever since I moved to New York. Growing up in Minnesota I used to go skiing whenever possible, every weekend and all through Christmas break. I loved it. I wasn't very sociable and that was a great way to be alone and very much in the present. My cousin Lizzie is a ski instructor at Windham, a couple of hours north of NYC. She's been there for over 10 years and every year she has invited me. We like each other a lot and always enjoy each other's company immensely, we were actually born something like 12 hours apart so we are very similar in a lot of ways. But every year there was some reason I couldn't go, no money, too much work, waiting to hear when my boyfriend in Budapest or Brazil would be able to see me so just putting everything on hold for them. This year I decided to prioritize skiing, thinking of how happy it would make me and we just did it and it made me immensely happy. I hadn't been on a pair of skis in many years but it all came back to me immediately. We tried the simplest, gentlest runs, Lizzie gave me a few pointers and before long I was totally keeping up with her. We kept trying harder and harder runs and I was able to do it was immensely fun skiing and being with this wonderful member of my family and doing it for me.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Joel & Nathalya visit NYC

Had a great time this morning with my friends Joel & Nathalya visiting from Brazil en route to Denver

Tuesday, March 1, 2011