Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Normal Heart

I thought it was so cool that the recent HBO production of "The Normal Heart" used 2 songs from Roxy Music's "Avalon " album.....Roxy Music is the first ever band that mattered to me....when I heard "Love Is The Drug" on the radio in high school it was as if some spirit from some nether region was speaking to me gave me chills. they were the first band I ever saw live and Ive since seen them at least 3 times, same for Bryan ferry solo. The Ironic thing is that when "Avalon" was released I was living in london and they played the title track on radio constantly and I had no idea who it was. I didm't really even pay attention to it....I was so much more into punky, new wavy sounding bands so this very adult sounding album didn't register with me at first, but now.......I love it

Andres Serrano @ West 4th Street

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Living and Sustaining a Creative Life Panel Discussion at Strand Bookstore.....

What a great honor this was to be able to share my experience at Strand bookstore, thank you Sharon Louden, Unversity of Chicago press and everyone who encouraged me to come to NYC to live my dream of being an artist....

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

This is a great time to be me..

Over the last few months I was asked to participate in a panel discussion at Strand Bookstore for my contribution to "Living and sustaining a creative life", I appeared in people magazine and artnews magazine and I was photographed at Frieze art fair for a style blog and asked to donate to the Visual Aids charity auction supporting a very worthy cause. I used to feel uncomfortable listing my achievements like that but now I think it's pretty cool. I used to have to pad my resume to make it look substantial before I sent it out, now I have to edit it down because at 4 pages it's too long for most prospective employers or galleries to read through. I used to have to invent a character or persona before going on a date or an important interview, now I just stay in touch with who I really am and I always do better than I did when I was playing a character or trying to be what I supposed others wanted me to be. It's really great to be able to relax and just lean into who I am.

Artnews Reviews "Living and Sustaining..."

I'm thrilled to be In Artnews for my contribution to "Living And Sustaining A Creative Life, Thanks Sharon Louden! @LoudenStudio