Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Magic Continues.....

And the number one thing Im glad about is that I'm here..... in NYC. It seems like I went through a crazy period of long distance relationships....Brazil, Budapest, China. When presented with these challenges just thinking "Sure, we can make that work...." but ultimately the challenges of long distance relationships took me away from my work in my studio, my career. It was an interesting time period and I got to travel a lot which I do love, but it's nice for me to focus on being grounded and to concentrate on my career as an artist above all else.......I don't really have to follow someone to Shanghai if I want a relationship....there are plenty of interesting, single gay men in NYC

Thursday, March 27, 2014

What A Month

In the last month I've seen my two best friends get married and participated in a panel discussion Strand Book Store for "Living and Sustaining a Ceative Life". At the VIP opening for the Armory Art fair I was told by The super cool art advisor Clarissa Dalrymple that I looked "terribly smart" and NY Magazine Art Critic Jerry Saltz gave me a shout out from the podium as he was giving a talk at The New York Academy of Art...I'm feeling very grown up these days.....and I like it, I'm very glad to be living this life

Monday, March 24, 2014

I'm a Published Author

My friend Sharon Louden asked 40 of her friends to write an essay on how they pay their bills and the financial and business realities of being an artist and Ill be on a panel at Strand bookstore wednesday night peaking about it...more info here....