Thursday, August 28, 2008

Parr Of Arizona

I spent a really interesting afternoon with Alan Rosenberg (check out Alan's Blog here )looking at his collection of magazines and catalogs, I.D, Rags, East Village Eye, Soho News...etc etc, but what really blew me away were the catalogs by Parr of Arizona, some pretty unique gay clone wear from the 60's and 70's.


Anonymous said...

I grew up in Phoenix back in the 70's. I saw a small add in the paper for a swimsuit called "painted rocks", sold at Parr of Arizona on either 7th St. or 7th. Ave? I baught my first item and to this day, still purchase from them on Camelback Rd. Still in business!!

Anonymous said...

wow! I remember that add! "Painted Rocks" and it was a young long hair blonde about 18 modeling it! a Black and white add about an inch by an inch! haha!! MY GOD!! I was just a young boy at the time, but I got turned on by that add!! I wanted one of those bathing suits!! More than that, I wanted to meet that boy in the add!! :)
The suit was printed with indian hyroglifics on it!! What a blast from the past that is!! Haven't thought of that in over 30 yrs!

Anonymous said...


Tuxedo said...

Nice you guys look had much fun.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! LOL
I too, grew up in Pheonix and saw that 1X1 add in the paper. I was in my teens and found my way down to 7th St. and baught that Painted Rocks bathing suit. I wanted to look like that blonde!! :) I wore that bathing suit until it rotted off me! (it actually fell off me one day while sliding down the flumes).
Got lots of sun on the salt river in that one! (back when wearing a speedo did not bring giggles from the crowd).
I loved it so much that I wore it under my jeans almost every day, just to be prepared in case of an emergency swim! haha!
Saw lots of after hours house pools and hot nights on the desert smoking funny cigs!
I worked at Dr. Munchies in Scottsdale and was known for my painted rocks bathing suit!

RR said...

To anonymous:I too worked at Munchies...who are you?