Monday, May 30, 2011

Fleet Week 2011

One of the nice things about the repeal of "Don't ask, don't tell" is seeing a lot of guys in uniform out at gay venues this week in NYC.

Right Angles?

My friends and I talk a lot about architecture and I often say "at least it's not another box", which means I like buildings that are not rectangles. I love the juxtaposition of these two buildings along the west side highway by Jean Nouvel on the left and Frank Gehry on the right.

Sidewalk Sale

Thursday, May 26, 2011

First Summer Night

It's a gorgeous night in the lower east side. The tourist hipsters are out in full force, puffing away in front of Max Fish so they can say they did before it closes, and more power to them. This amazing, iconic city of dreams is like a movie set where you can reinvent yourself. Last night I attended a low key but chic book signing reception in the west village with my friend Vince and had the most amazing dinner at the revamped "Fedora". Tonight I'm enjoying a delicious steak salad at home with the windows open and listening to the completely downloaded Gaga album and lovin' it.

Lindsay Lohan as seen by Richard Phillips

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I helped propel Lady Gaga'a CD to number one and Amazon took my money but won't complete the purchase

Lady Gaga, if you really care about your fans like you said you did when I saw you at MSG this past March, DEMAND that amazon get their glitches fixed. I bought the album yesterday for 99c, helping to propel you to number 1. However Amazon is unable to complete the download, the 4 songs I have sound great but amazon is not answering my or your many other fan's emails and I am not able to download the other songs I paid for. I'm pissed off! I'm gonna have to take a Bikram class at LES Bikram . Hey, maybe we used to be neighbors?

Coming Out

There"s a fascinating series in the NY Times called "Coming Out" You can see it here. it's pretty amazing when a mainstream newspaper decides to cover this story. It seems like we are getting closer and closer to the tipping point where discriminating against someone because of their sexual orientation will be thought of as generally unacceptable and acceptance of gay marriage will be inevitable. It's great to see that my gay friends in the military have removed the bars from their eyes in their online pics and that my friend who served in the Marines for 6 years and was discharged dishonorably can be reinstated and discharged honorably. I've seen a lot of change in my lifetime and this one is pretty cool.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Comme Des Garcons

I had an awesome, only In New York kind of Day. It began with a Bikram Yoga class in chelsea with my friend Cheryl Donegan. From there we met Alix Perlstein in line at the amazing Comme Des Garcon's Archive sale at the croation church on 41st st. I said hi to the doorman from the NYC store as he walked by us on the line and he pulled us from the line and whisked us inside. It was like a museum show only you could try everything on and it was all for sale. They handed us a ginormous bag as we entered, over the course of a couple of hours I filled it with about 40 items and had to do some serious editing, luckily my opinianated friends Mark and AA were only too glad to help. For a little over $200.00 I got....a Junya Watanbe tee shirt with military logos from 2003, some insanely short, black Junya Watanabe shorts from 2002, 2 pair of crazy acrylic socks, a natural, untanned leather belt, a Fred Perry polo shirt colab, and, taa daa..., A shirt that I had fallen in love with in 2002. It's a plain white short sleeve cotton shirt covered in an industrial grey polyurethane, hard to explain why I love this so much but when I saw it today I had to have it and I could!

Going through this with Mark and AA we were often saying "I remember that"! and it's amazing how many clothing ideas that are very common these days I first saw in this line many moons ago. The sale is on till monday and there's more info here...

Robert Melee IN With One Color

My friend Robert has an awesome piece in this show that opened last night at Van de Weghe Uptown. More Info here. me and my friend Chris in The Anish Kapoor

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Love these "Circle In A Spiral" conceptual things going on in Mad Men ......

Here's Robert Morse singing "I believe In You" from the film version of "How To Suceed In Business Without Really Trying" a 1961 broadway musical. I'm pretty familiar with this because in high school we put on a production of it, great story, great songs and all around, pretty awesome. It's the kind of show that Don and Betty Draper probably would have seen on broadway. It's very much of it's time, it's about a guy who quickly advances up the corporate ladder, through charm, good luck and chutzpah finding his metier in advertising. This guy Robert Morse, who originated the role on broadway, then starred in the film version of "How To Suceed..." is still employed as an actor, he's now playing Bert Cooper on Madmen.

Still with me? good! I just saw the broadway revival of this musical starring Daniel Radcliffe, it reminded me of my years as a presentation producer at DDB.

I got all 22 Golden Eggs in Angry what?

I guess I expected a (virtual) parade or a banner or something but nope, nuthin....just a promo clip for the angry birds/rio tie-in. This is the first video game I've developed any kind of loyalty or affection towards and as I've said to myself all along, it's just like life. So, no biggie... I'm not gonna let it bug me, I just moved on and bought the next level "Angry Bird's Seasons", Yay!