Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lady Gaga @ MSG

I wanted to see her and I noticed there were a lot of tickets available on line so I headed up to MSG at showtime, bought a floor ticket for half price and.....INVALID...I was scammed, so I went back to the entrance to find the guy and of course I couldn't and a young family was walking by, the mom was holding a ticket out and they were giving it away, she warned me they were crappy seats but no matter. It was great and not quite what I expected, she was kind of scrappy and very into her fans.... the whole "Little Monster" thing seemed very adolescent, I thought she would be a little more sophisticated considering some of the Leigh Bowery inspired looks she has put together and artists she has worked with like Desi Santiago...but then I remember this is a very new career. The reason the family had an extra ticket for me is that their 6 year old fell asleep, the 8 year old stayed for about half the concert and she played for an amazing 2 1/2 hours. I am definatly all for the "don't be afraid to let out the you you really are" message of hers...great night!

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