Sunday, July 18, 2010

General Idea at Moma

I'm really loving this new installation of the contemporary galleries in Moma overseen by the new associate director Kathy Hallbreich formerly of the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. One room features 3 pieces by Canadien Art Collective "General Idea" relating to their fictious "Miss General Idea Pageant" which for them was a kind of metaphor for the art world, you can hear surviving General Idea member AA Bronson speak about it Here on the Moma website. The next room, "The '80's room" has two walls covered in General Idea's Aids wallpaper, with other artist's work hung on top of it. LOVE begat AIDS and AIDS dominated the artworld in the '80s and '90s. Warhol's gold Rorschack painting and Mapplethorpe's photo of a marble face along with Bruce Nauman's drawing of neon piece of sex turning to violence and Guerrilla Girl's posters are hung on top of the wallpaper making a representation of the far off '80s that feels very familiar to me but has never been told in quite this way since then. The room also holds on of Kady Noland's Aluminum "Patty Hearst" pieces and on the floor is a video moniter playing Laurie Anderson's "Oh Superman" this a pop music video? Is this an artists piece? I love the way it conflates those two genres.


designerman said...

i love the way you sum this up-so concise! ji tan loved the patty hearst piece (uh-oh).

Breeze_in said...

What exactly is this exhibit, gallery/ room called?