Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Carsten Holler's Psycho Tank

Last week i got to spend an hour or so floating around in 18 cm of salted water in this installation by the artist Carsten Holler. It was kind of amazing. Me and my friend Rick got naked, showered and entered. Then Carsten's official photographer Attilio Maranzano set up his camera and snapped away. At first it didn't seem deep enough, I was touching the bottom in some parts, then the current of the pump started to move me along, but my lighter friend, Rick was really moving. I was trying to avoid him when I'd bump into him or he'd bump into me but after a while I just stopped caring, it really didn't matter and that was part of the experience. After a while we were joined by 2 female friends of the photographer's assistant, 2 naked, female strangers joined us and we were all floating and moving around the tank, I was floating much better as the two additional bodies raised the water level. I closed my eyes and felt nothing but the occasional big toe against my head or leg rubbing against my side. When I'd open my eyes I became aware that I was actually moving along quite quickly. The whole experience was supremely relaxing and when I came home I ate then took a 4 hour nap....nice!

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