Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Paul Babeu

Apparantly this ultraconservative sherrif in Arizona threatened his mexican boyfriend with deportation for going public about their relationship. Further evidence that the only time your sexuality is a problem, is when you hide it. If you're open about it, no one can use it against you.  If he dosn't think he deserves to be open about who he is, if he deny's himself that right he will have no problem denying those rights to others and he can justify it. If it's really true that he threatened his BF with deportation that's an extreme example of the lengths people will go to to stay in the closet. It's a manifestation of all the hurt and denial he's inflicted upon himself. Hopefully, down the road Babau will realize how sad and mean he has been not only to others but to himself and will be able to turn this into a good thing and speak about it. I wish him and his ex- BF all the best.

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