Saturday, April 14, 2012

Kraftwerk @ Moma 4-12-12 Trans-Europe Express

This was an outstanding performance, so great to hear this entire album performed. The acoustics were great and the performers seemed to be slightly out of sync at times making the performance even more exciting. It really did feel as if each musician was actually playing something. Weirdly, they did not perform "The Model", which they had performed the previous night, but they did perform the rest of the album, changing the order a little bit and beginning the concert with that night's album track. Showroom Dummies sounded particularly great along with the quiter pieces like "Endless, Endless" and "Franz Schubert".

And although the entire eight night series was sold out, there were just the right amount of people there, it wasn't overly crowded, there wasn't much pushing or jostling and both nights I was right up front. The security guards who had been guarding the stage before the performance stepped away and we the audience just kept a civil distance. It was a very memorable experience.

Set List:

Trans Europe Express,

Metal on Metal, 

Franz  Schubert, 

Europe Endless,

Hall of Mirrors, 

Showroom Dummies,


Radio Activity,

We Are The Robots

The Model

Man Machine


Computer World

Computer Llove

It's More Fun to Compute

Tour de France

Tour de France etape 2

Tour de France etape 3

21st century

Boing Boom Tschak

Techno Pop

Music Non Stop

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