Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Gym Trials

I've had an interesting couple of weeks checking out the other gyms in my neighborhood. My membership to Dolphin ran out and I thought I'd check out the new landscape in my neighborhood...and the winners are...David Barton Gym offered me a free workout with a trainer, that was an awesome experience but Im afraid it was way to expensive to join there. A free week at crunch was very pleasant, big spacious and airy. Equinox was nice but too many obnoxious members yelling into their cell phones on the floor for my taste, Blink was the winner for sure, cheap lively clean and new!
The NYSC (New York Sports Club) on Mercer steet was the worst Gym Experience of my life, from trainers hijacking and hoarding the equipment, giant dustballs on the machines, vast amounts of non working TVs on the cardio equipment, disgustingly filthy showers and locker room...but the worst was when I wanted to cancel my trial membership and get a refund, which the website stated was an option when I bought it. I was given 3 different answers for how it was done and was made to wait 45 minutes to see a manager.....yuck...never again


E.S. said...

So which one will you join?

Erik Hanson said...

Blink is great, I went there again this morning.....I was thinking about you in a yoga class the other you do yoga? You'd love it!