Friday, June 22, 2012

The Mutable Portrait

Here's my work in a group show curated by Jacob Robichaux. That's Jacob to my left, he chose this group and seeing them on the walls like this as he hung them, I realize that half of the guys here are ex boyfriends. Of the other 3 one's a guy that I used to have a major unrequited crush on and we are now friends. One of the subjects is a neighbor who I never met in person, only online. Of the ex boyfriends, one moved away and became my best friend, one moved away and stopped communicating and one moved away and occasionally clicks the like button on a photo on my facebook page, and that's all as it's meant to be. The time I spent with each of these guys was rewarding in different ways, I changed, I grew and I can't imagine myself in a relationship with any of them today, they're all great guys, it's just that, we were together for exactly how long we were meant to be and the experiences that I've had since then have all been necessary for making me who I am today. It's cool how things happen just the way they were meant to.

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