Thursday, November 8, 2012

No Smoking Sandy

After over preparing for last years "Irene" I've gotta say I'm glad I had those extra flashlight batteries and all those candles, hurricane sandy was the real deal. I went out for a walk in my neighborhood around 8:15 on monday night and i almost turned around and went right back home because the winds were still so strong but I decided to keep walking. I turned down 1st street towards 2nd avenue and saw a 2 story tall freestanding gas station sign in the middle of the street, knocked down by the wind...I could have been walking under it when.....

   I walked past my favorite bar "Urge" and they had taped up a handwritten sign saying "Open! 2 for one!" So I went in and orded a drink then zzzt...out went the lights....there were plenty of candles lit so it was ok. The bartender told the bar back to lock the doors and everyone started smoking....except me....this would have been a great excuse tio have a cigarette but no, I wasn't even tempted

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