Tuesday, June 11, 2013


 Here is what I read and I admit a lot of it is from my own experience. There are wood plinths of various heights on top of which are perched matches wrapped in a seemingly soft material, felt, leather, cloth of some sort that baffle or blanket the potential of a fire lit, but yet carefully almost preciously wrapped as if the whole small installation is a memorial of some sort. As if  the matches are shrouded to some extent, why? This is not matches presented with gasoline but if the potential of the match, the potential of the match ignited, in this context, which seems a poignant one this is what I see. If I am wrong and this is a frivolity then this joke, this reading is on me. I accept it. I like the piece.a testament or longing for the lost, for those whose fire has been snuffed and yet the potential to have their memory burn bright.... Dm Simons

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