Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Liza with a Z!

My Friend Bill had an extra ticket to Liza Minelli last week and asked me along..I said why not...and I was blown away! That whole show biz-y world that she is a part of seems so foreign and distant to me....but it was a great show and oddly relevent, and, I had forgetten that she was in a movie that I saw as a teenager and loved then "New York, New York". The song I really like from that movie is called "The world goes 'round" I couln't find it here on you tube so here's the theme song ....In this version I think its done on new years eve in The rainbow room at rockefeller center. So if you have nothing to do on new years, imagine you're here. I'll be in Asbury Park , NJ at my friend Van's house...it'll be really warm there...

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Mark said...

actually, Mr. Scorcese built that set, as he did every single other one in the film.

one of my all-time favorites.

have a very happy new year. I hope to see you soon.