Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cheryl Donegan

I First met Cheryl back in the mid nineties when she was famous for her video "Head" Where she drank a liquid out of a hole in a plastic bottle then spit it back in...it's brilliant in it's simplicity, immediateness and directness. Since then I've followed her work often scratching my head and wondering how did she get HERE?. and how did she get HERE?

Instead of capitalising on her early success as a video artist Cheryl followed her own path and did what made sense to her, constantly challenging and defying people's expectations of her but listening to her own inner voice. Needless to say this has completely confounded the artworld and made her a hero to myself and countless other artists.

I was lucky enough to be invited to Cheryl's studio today and was surrounded by one of the best contemporary painting shows that's up right now. It's fascinating what she is up to and what she's making and how she got there, but the bottom line is that these are some great paintings and I'm sure we will be seeing them in a gallery soon.

Here's to my hero Cheryl!

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