Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Peter Saul @ Haunch of Venison

I spent saturday up in midtown enjoying the 60 degree weather, first skating for a couple of hours at Bryant park which was awesome then off to Haunch of Venison in Rockefeller center for their Peter Saul show "Firty Years of Painting". A huge rambling show that felt a lot like a museum survey. I have to admit I was really only familiar with the cartoony surrealist paintings he did in the 70's and 80's and didn't exactly love them but could see how they were influential to the current generation of painters, and I loved seeing the sketches that he does in the sign in books when he and his wife go around to see gallery shows in NYC.

The works that really blew me away in this show though were his paintings from the early sixties, they seemed to be coming out of the same cauldron as Guston and Johns and even reminded me of some of Warhol's earlier canvases when he was still keeping the drips in.

There is a ton of work in this show and the views from the windows are amazing palate cleansers for the punch of these amazing paintings.

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