Monday, January 16, 2012

Maurizio Cattelan In The Brooklyn Rail & at The Guggenheim

The Maurizio Cattelan exhibition at the Guggenheim was amazing, I highly recommend it to anyone who is the least bit curious, it's only open till 1-21 so get over there quick. Theres an interesting interview with the artist in the current brooklyn rail, an excerpt appears below, you can read the entire interview here We’re at a moment when you go out and see 20 shows and notice a trend—low key, lo-fi. You go out and you see 50 shows and you can be sure you won’t remember a single image. You remember moods. What is happening right now is everything is related to the past. I think whatever happened in the past 100 years is the main subject of today. We are in-between generations; it’s a borderline passage. It’s like if you lose your long-term boyfriend, and before you get to the new one you rebound, experiment. You never know where the new relationship comes from. But in the meantime you need to move some things around; it’s very important to see the past.

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