Sunday, January 6, 2013

Banging in the New Year

So Friday, a day after I was released, the hospital finally acknowledged that they had my phone, wallet and glasses and I see all of the messages and texts and missed phone calls from my friends and I'm kind of blown away, thanks a million you guys! I wish I had had my phone to keep me company those two days in the hospital, or at least my glasses to enjoy the stunning east river views from New York Presbyterian Hospital, or even to be able to watch TV, instead I had to spend two days immobile, in a neck brace with no food or beverages...kind of a new year cleanse. The way I ended up there was by having a convo in the hallway with a neighbor on a higher floor, I leaned a bit too far over the balustrade and boom next thing Im one floor below. Well, my neighbor called the ambulance and they were there within minutes. I survived a very minor scull fracture and a twisted neck and after numerous cat scans and x rays the doctors didnt see it getting worse so they release me yesterday to my neighbors Michelle and Kevin across the hall. I'm grateful to all my friends, relatives and neighbors looking out for me....I'm blown away by all of your concern and support, thanks a million you guys!

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Mim said...

Be well. Just catching up with blogs. Had no idea.

Man, anything can happen.

Regards from South Beach,