Sunday, February 24, 2013


I love this, and I'd like to tell you why. Before this there was a kind of institutionalized homophobia, if it was ok to discriminate against gays in the military and not allow them to marry it was also ok to blackmail and to threaten them. So it was pretty typical to meet gay guys online who tiptoed around and were terrified of sending you a face picture. It was also common to meet guys who wouldn't tell their family.

Now I have to say the whole tiptoing around thing seems very  Boris and Natasha. very outdated. I met someone online yesterday who wouldnt send me his face pic because he was "very very discrete" and "too much was at stake". I told him I wasn't going to invite a complete stranger over to my apartment if he's unwilling to share his face with me. That just feels wrong but somehow he thought that was acceptable, like because I'm gay I can't expect people to be above board with me, Im supposed to live a risky, seedy life because I love men?

Thank you president Obama for calling homosexuality what it is, Love....and that's nothing to be ashamed of and its not ok to treat me like a low life or a 2nd class citizen anymore.

Now if I could just meet another man who feels the same way......

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