Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's day 2013

I gotta say Ive never really had a problem with valentine's day.....does that sound like faint praise? I suppose it is, its just that so many of my friends loathe VD but Ive never had a problem with it. Ive had boyfriends who've hated it and wouldnt celabrate it, no biggie !!!..and Ive had guys go out of their way to make me a memorable meal, some have which have truly been memorable and then there's always the single me who goes out of my way to get me something I'll really like.

   This year it was a Margiela T shirt with some crazy numbers on it that I wore to my friend Bubi's opening last night.

   I guess in some sense VD is about expectations about unicorns and perfection etc but its also about treating someone special very nicely and hey, there's nothing wrong with that...

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