Sunday, March 31, 2013

Milking it...


 It's been great fun to say to people" I've had brain surgury" and watch their response. Or to casually throw it into coversation, like "I was out that week, getting Brain Surgurey" So yes I've been really milking it....I've found some people have been kind of freaked out and maybe even have discriminated against me because of it though so I've got to watch that.

   The bottom line is It didn't seem to have much affect on me one way or's not like I was in excruciating pain and that's now been relieved. Actually this whole episode that begin with the NY eve fall has not had much of a physical impact on me. I've had a minor throbbing headache since the fall and that has been somewhat relieved by the surgery and I expect it will all just go away with time. The eye doctors I've seen have found no damage and I feel very lucky for that. My sense of smell has dissapated and somewhat and I'm sorry about that but in the long run, I feel very happy to be where I'm at.

   I wasnt feeling any pain but I know from the cat scan that I had developed a subdural hemnatoma that was pushing against my brain and had to be removed. Otherwise it would just keep getting bigger and eventually kill me. So now it's gone and all is well on the cat scans. I have a cool scar too

   I have learned a lot from this whole episode though and maybe I've grown, at least I hope I have

   I'll still keep using the "Brain Surgury" excuse for laughs....I'll keep milking it till I no longer get a response because, really, how many people can say "Ive had brain surgery"

   One funny thing is that when I was in the hospital the first time on NY eve. I told the doctors that I had to get out on Wednesday so that I could get to work on Thursday, that I couln't just "Not show Up" Funny that I cared so much about this gig. It was a sweet little gig though ..... I earned just enough to have some pocket money for the week  and it turned out to be something I was good at.

   I am aware that I may have lost my job as a result of it or maybe it was just time to move on anyway,  I'm sure I'll find something new.

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