Tuesday, March 9, 2010

30 Consecutive days of Bikram Yoga...

Today i completed 30 consecutive days of Bikram yoga, they said it would change my life, and it did! I've never felt as good about myself, not just my body but about my whole self. I've been going as much as possible to the first class in the morning which in most cases is at 6:45. When I started back in February it was dark then and we would watch the sun come up through the windows and that was beautiful and kind of a metaphor for the kind of brightening or awakening feelings that I was feeling inside. Every day was a challenge and each day was different than any other day...just like life! It was really an awesome experience to be just focused on me for an hour and a half and learn to love my body and go beyond what I thought were my limitations.

So much of what went on during the sessions were really metaphors or physical manifestations for more productive ways to live my life, stretching and challenging and being calm and fixed on my intentions.I hope I can carry these lessons around with me for a long time and remember to put them in practice when ever I need to, I imagine I will but that I'll need the occasional tune up...just like any new set of guidelines we learn. It feels great to have accepted a new set of challenges.

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