Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Man on Wire

Today was day 24 in a row of Bikram yoga and I gotta say, every day has been a challenge, every day I go into the poses differently, focusing on a different part of my body, every day is a new challenge and I really feel like a different person...I'm walking taller and people find me much more approachable...I'm meeting strangers left and right and looking back at some of my old behaviours...and rejecting the ones that don't work anymore. I really am trying to value me for all of my qualities and accept me as I am, always open to progress.....I like myself better than ever and I am probably in the best shape of my life.....I'm happy being me and very much open to new challenges....yes I can....if not overcome...then learn and do better next time...soon I'll be walking on a a wire between two skyscrapers!

You see the amazing thing about Bikram is that you can make so much progress so quickly!There are all kinds of poses that I could'nt even begin on my first day and slowly I've moved from step one, to step two, step three and finally to full's a really great feeling to push myself this way physically and be amazed at what I'm capable of.

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Ivan Vargas said...

Ah, the famous picture of the French guy (I forget his name, wups) who walked not once but twice across the Twins Towers. Would it that we could grasp that time again. Sadly, it's gone...

But the future is ahead and is all that matters. Kudos on your incursions into Bikram yoga!