Saturday, January 8, 2011

Go East

My Niece Brianna came to the Joni opening last night along with her boyfriend Casey and I had a great time introducing them to all the art bears of New York. They were fun, funny, interested and everyone seemed to enjoy meeting and talking with them. Brianna has been out for many visits in the past and I've always enjoyed spending time with her.
They arrived in NYC a month ago and last night was the first time we got together. When they first arrived I was trying to help them find an apartment, asking my friends for help and trying to coordinate a time to get together, but then it kind of dawned on me that, they're adults trying to make a new life for themselves and maybe they don't need me hovering over them, maybe they want to do it themselves just like I did when I first came to NYC. So I endured the guilt-laden texts from Brianna's mom, my sister...."You can't even help YOUR OWN NIECE move???!!!". I had already promised my friend Desi that I would be an extra in his photo shoot that day, sorry.
I apologized last night in person for not helping them move and Brianna told me there were way too many people for not much stuff, apparantly all the relatives in the 5 state region had been recruited for this and I wasn't missed. It's nice not to force things and just let them happen naturally.

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