Saturday, January 22, 2011

lovin' it

I shot this up at Columbus Circle around 11 AM , the temp on the CNN sign is 16 F. This is turning out to be like a Minnesota winter here in NYC and I'm loving it. I seem to have found the perfect combination of Margiela sweater (thanks Bill!) and parka and flannel shirt and t shirt but I haven't been particularly cold any day so far this year. It's pretty great walking around to the galleries in midtown in this cool, crisp air and only running into about 1/10 th the amount of tourists as there were last month at this time, don't get me wrong, I love tourists, ask Cristobal who was visiting here from Argentina last month and I'm sure he will concur..... Except when they clog up the sidewalks by strolling in a big defensive line like a hockey team, thankfully, there was none of that today. I even got to stroll through central park and study the bare branches in preparation for a sculpture I'm working on, I want it to be the perfect combination of natural and man made, just like music.

I also passed by the gilt bronze statue of General Sherman across the street from the Plaza hotel and notice the gold leaf was dingy and pitted and peeled off in many spots. Then I remembered reading an article in the paper when I had just moved into my apartment how this statue had just been freshly gilded and going up there to photograph this gleaming gold statue in the snow. For me, abrasion and wearing away is like time passing made physical, it's cool how I am experiencing more and more records like this.

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