Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mark & AA in Paris

My friends Mark and AA are in Paris this week doing some work & attending some runway shows and just being themselves in their unique way. I know it's kind of a dream come true for Mark to be seeing so many Paris runway shows. AA is there working on the General Idea retrospective that is set to open there next month. These guys have such a cool relationship, they bring out the best in each other, they are autonmous yet they have so much in common, they are 13 years apart age wise and equal in so many ways. I met them in the late '90's when Mark had just moved to NYC, I kind of feel like part of the family. They seem very comfortable being themselves around me and that's nice, they'll have a little argument or something but it never makes me uncomfortable, they are both so respectful of each other and they just do what couples do. I am lucky to be equal friends with both of them.

Mark comes from a somewhat religious family and had a hard time coming out and dealing with his family, but he stood up for who he was and made it work and they didn't reject him, he still has them and in a sense he has made his own family here in NYC and Toronto I feel like part of their family. We all make the family we want any way, based on feelings rather than obligations. You can read a brief interview with them here

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