Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Creditors

I gave a painting to the BAM benefit auction and in return I got 2 tickets to this play....It was about an ex-husband and current husband meeting and becoming friends. The current didn't know that the ex was his wife's ex, he just thought he was some stranger who befriended him and was giving him some good manly advice on his marriage, when in fact the ex was trying to sabotage this relationship to get back at his ex wife for the pain this split had caused him. It was fascinating and tragic and evil and at first I thought of what a monster this ex is, how unreal he seemed, no one could be that evil I thought.

Then I thought of my own relationships and how people have done things to me that I found unfathomable and then I thought a bit more about some of the mean things I've done to others. Bottom line is, we all have the capacity to hurt one another and none of us take the pain of being hurt by someone we loved very well, basically, alls fair in love and war.

Seeing this had a kind of cathartic effect on me

You can read a review of the orig production in London here

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