Sunday, May 16, 2010

Walter Van Bierendonck

This was a fashion show recently held in CA> Where Belgian designer Walter van Bierendonck recruited models from the local bear community....It reminded me of the time me and Bill were in london when we were still boyfriends. We met this guy Geoff at the Hoist and ended up having a 3 way with was a blast and we saw him a few more times during the course of the weekend and at one point we were walking about London and Geoff grabbed a copy of the face and showed us a "Bear" fashion shoot and there was Geoff, on the pages of one of the coolest magfazines in London. We had bagged a model from the Face for our first 3 way ! Woo hoo! Geoff turned out to be a great guy, he was in NYC last week and we had a beer and caught up a bit....Life is so cool that way

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E.S. said...

Really hot models!