Friday, May 28, 2010

This Used to Be The Future

In my online browsing I've recently run across the first guy I ever met online. I remember how exciting it was to get together with this guy. Bill had left for Boston the day before and had given me his old computer (my first) and the names of a few websites to check out. I guess that meant we had an open relationship...

Well, when I met this guy "A" I couldnt believe it, he was like a dream come true, he had all the physical attributes that turn me on in a guy and we immediatly got naked and got busy, and got off, we cleaned up and said our goodbyes and that was that. That first experience was just so foreign and immediate that I'll never forget it. But now I've seen this guy online, I know it's him because he is using some of the same pictures as 10 years ago, and he is saying all these things like "I'm not here to improve my typing" and "c'mon guys get real!" and using as this language that suggests this guy is feeling burned and jaded, he still looks hot as hell and he has hit me up to get together and as much as I like his pics, old and new....I think I'd rather not mess with the memory.

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