Saturday, May 8, 2010


It has dawned on me lately that I know a lot of Ex-pats, 2 ex boyfriends and 1 brother. My shrink says it's because I like worldly people. I talked a lot with my brother about why he prefers living in Costa Rica, I guess he has always been more of a libertarian and therefore Costa Rica suits him just fine.

My friend Eduardo, a Brazilian Ex-pat living in Budapest posted this below on his blog Megvilagosodas, you can see his blog here with the original entry in portuguese....

We are not alone

I have commented on this blog here .
You prepare a postcard confessing a secret and sent anonymously to a mailbox. The Blog is successful because readers recognize their own secrets confessed anonymously by others. Every Sunday the blog publishes a new series of postcards
Today they published one that could have been written by me.
There is a freedom I never thought I would love in moving alone to a Foreign Country.
I agree with this so I can say that this person who sent this postcard is perhaps the one that best understands how I feel about it.
And I do not know this person!

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