Friday, May 28, 2010

Radio Activity

When I think about the phenomenon of emotions being communicated digitally I always think of Kraftwerk. It's fascinating how, in the course of a brief online exchange, you can really pick up some idea of what a person is like emotionally, their generosity and willingness to open up a bit and things like that which go beyond a mere list of stats.

It seems like for some people all of this multi-tasking and cutting and pasting the same list of stats and questions leads to a huge amount of frustration. I can see why, I know that when I sit down and write a few sentences in response to a posting where I really address the specifics, I usually get a really good response back, something that's infinately more interesting than the worst possible response you might get such as these few words..."Pic for pic, into?" I couldn't imagine wanting to meet that person no matter how hot his photos are.

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